Arts Partnership Surrey have commissioned Moving Kinship hubs to take place across 6 Surrey boroughs in 2021. We are calling for all families and kinship groups to participate. One of the aims of the project is to bring together people across Surrey who are affected by rare young onset dementia with a view to creating a supportive and sustainable network that will continue beyond the life of the project. You will find a flyer explaining how you can get involved

Moving Kinship is a form of embodied activism involving people living with rare young onset dementia, family carers and Beatrice Allegranti Dance Theatre. Social, psychological and political issues of equality, autonomy, dignity, social inclusion and solidarity have been raised in relation to people living with dementias, but little attention is paid to the role of the moving-expressive body and to creative processes in issues of social justice, health and wellbeing. Even less attention is given to health inequalities and BIPOC and LGBTQ+ experiences of kinship and dementia. The project creates a space for artistic collaboration that supports people affected by young onset dementia and their families to speak out, be visible and be heard. Moving Kinship aims to create bespoke dance theatre performances that support the mental health of families affected by young onset dementia and deepen their capacity to engage with life and kinship bonds in accessible, embodied and collective ways.