For Dance 21 iID will be bringing 2 weekly dance classes for people living with Parkinson’s and their carers, these classes will be open to all however will be hosted in Woking and Waverley. Using the idea of storytelling, sharing, connecting, creating through dance, the classes will provide a fun, supportive and creative opportunity to explore and develop movement.

The groups will have the opportunity to develop creativity further, we will look at museum handling collections, specific to the local area, taking time to explore and discover meaning and possible creative responses. Using the museum objects as a starting point to celebrate each borough’s identity within Surrey, creating a shared sense of place. We will use these objects to create movement and ultimately a dance. The groups will then be offered the chance to perform the dances they have created with each other. iID is keen to share the creative opportunities with other Dance for Parkinson’s groups working with Surrey and invite them to bring their dances also.

Alongside this iID will deliver a term of dance classes to a local primary school, using the same museum handling objects as inspiration for movement. We will invite the primary school to share their dance alongside the Dance for Parkinson’s group, bringing together communities, shared interest and differing generations.