Georgia is a recent graduate from the University of Chichester where she studied BSc Dance Science (Health and Wellbeing). As part of my degree she studied a wide variety of modules including topic areas such as Anatomy, Biomechanics, Psychology, Physiology and Nutrition, all of which she tries to incorporate into her teaching to help individuals understand the reasons why we do things in an enjoyable and accessible manner. Her degree has strengthened her passion for sharing both the physical and mental benefits that dance participation provides for young and old individuals. Over the past few years Georgia has spent time teaching children as young as 3 in Modern and Tap whilst also working with a couple of Dance for Parkinsons classes, having most recently begun working with the English National Ballet’s ENBEldersCo. Georgia really enjoys the variety that her work brings and the different population groups and enjoys sharing the joy of dancing with others.

As the Lead Artist for the Runnymede BC, Youth Dance Recovery school, Georgia enjoyed getting to know the children and introducing both structured dance technique as well as the opportunity to create and choreograph together. The project really wanted to allow the children to have the opportunity to learn something new whilst finding something they enjoy and which brings them happiness. We have been inspired by the children’s current curriculum all about Climate Change to form the stimulus for a group dance which we hope to present to parents at the end of the term. We hope to bring together poetry, dance and music to create a collaborative project which highlights the beauty of our planet and animals whilst encouraging others to start to work together to save our world from any further human damage.