Alexia Sibthorpe – Our Time Youth Agency Founder and programme director. 


Our Time Youth Agency (OTYA), was started in February 2019 to bridge a gap in services and activities not available or offered in our local communities. We offer dance & mental health infusion courses, Fitness projects, Mental health and anti-social behaviour awareness courses in schools alongside parenting courses, 121s and group coaching sessions.

Our moto is Elevate – Elevate – Empower , these are the foundations we build from.

Move 2 Improve was created for young people who have been isolated and are struggling with their mental or physical health and to gain an understanding of their emotions. We infuse a 30-minute dance class, to get young people moving, using the popular and trending routines on TikTok & Instagram Reels (age appropriate) with a 30-minute mental health class where they can explore different mental health issues which are becoming more common in young people’s lives. To finish the session, we conclude with mindfulness meditation to allow young people to be centred and stress-free when they leave the session.

Alexia has 25 years dance training and performance, alongside 20 years + of youth work experience. I am passionate about making a change in young people’s lives and enabling them to be the best that they can be physically and mentally.